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South Africa’s favourite sport, leisure and utility trailer now available in New Zealand!

Truly Versatile Trailers, Built to Last

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing these trailers, you can rest assured that Venter Trailers are built to the highest quality and safety standards.

Sports and Luggage Trailer
Super 6 trailer

Behind You All The Way is the Super 6 Trailer

The Perfect Travel Companion

The Super 6 trailer is a veritable workhorse that can be utilised for multiple purposes on and off New Zealand roads.

The unique design and robustness, and its high standards of quality and reliability, have been developed and perfected over a period of many years – and boy, does it show.

Savuti trailer with tent

Get Back to Nature with the Savuti Trailer

The Ultimate Off-Road Compact Trailer

The Savuti off-road trailer provides the right balance between maximising space utilisation and portability.

The trailer sports a deeper body than standard trailers, allowing for storage of typical camping equipment inside and added stability from four extension legs, that neatly tuck away.

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